1. Picked-up tickets can not reschedule or refund online
    If you have already picked up the ticket, please go to the railway station window to transact the related business.
  2. Online Reschedule and Refund time
    06:00-23:00 (any other time please visit your nearest railway station)
  3. Reschedule and Refund time limit
    reschedule and refund must be made at least half an hour before departure time. Otherwise please goto departure station to refund/reschedule.
  4. Reschedule rules
    1. Reschedule only once
      tickets can reschedule only once
    2. Reschedule before departure
      Within 48 hours before departure tickets can only be rescheduled the day of departure or before,otherwise please book another ticket, then refund the original ticket.
    3. Reschedule sleeper
      Sleeper does not support batch reschedule, please reschedule one by one.
  5. Refund fee
    1. 15+ days prior to departure
    2. 48 hours-15 days prior to departure
      5% of ticket price
    3. 24-48 hours prior to departure
      10% of ticket price
    4. Within 24 hours before departure
      20% of ticket price
    5. Spring Festival
      During the Spring Festival travel season and ticket has rescheduled: 20% of ticket price
    6. *Refund amount is subject to the railway authority.