1. System Maintenance
    Beijing time 23: 00- 6:00 for the system maintenance, 23: 00-00: 00 can continue to pay unfinished order. any other operations please visit your nearest railway station.
  2. Identity verification
    Passenger verifies status displays as pending or not pass,please take valid ID (passport) card to your nearest railway station to verify identity.
  3. Mobile verification
    After registering an account, you need to verify your phone number before purchase. After verification of the phone and the phone can be used to retrieve login password.
  4. Online pre-sale period
    Online pre-sale tickets up to 30 days.
  5. Pay orders
    Please pay order within 30 minutes (2 hours before driving is 10 minutes), otherwise the order will cancel.
  6. Reschedule and Refund Rules
  7. Tickets for children
    children can not travel alone. An adult passenger is free to carry a child less than 1.2 meters. When child more than one, one for free, others have to buy tickets. Children height of 1.2 to 1.5 meters, can purchase tickets for children; more than 1.5 meters shall purchase adult tickets.
  8. Tickets pick up
    After your tickets have been successfully purchased, go to any railway station or authorized ticket office in mainland China with a valid ID (this should be the same as the one used for your booking) and your ticket pickup number, which is the letter E followed by a series of numbers
  9. All dates and times are Beijing Time (UTC+8).